Minnesota Superintendent seeks DWI defense

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A 55-year-old school Superintendent is facing a potentially career-ending charge after he was allegedly found drunk in a district vehicle. The man has been placed on paid suspension by the school board. It is unclear whether he has retained criminal defense counsel to build a DWI defense in his upcoming trial date.

Details of the alleged incident

According to the criminal complaint filed on Sept. 25, a deputy noticed a Tri-County School van parked in front of a local school with music playing and the rear hatch left open. It appeared that someone was unloading supplies as the door to the school was open and several cases of soda were seen near the van. When the deputy returned a half-hour later, the 55-year-old man was found in the driver’s seat, exhibiting signs of what the deputy believed to be alcohol intoxication.

The deputy attempted to conduct field sobriety tests, but he stated the man was unable to keep his balance long enough to complete them. The man was subsequently arrested and subjected to a breath test at the sheriff’s office, revealing a 0.21 blood alcohol level, nearly three times the legal limit to drive in Minnesota. A school employee later recovered a half-full bottle of vodka from the same van.

Seeking support in the aftermath of these charges

The man now faces charges of DWI, which could see an end to his career in education and the loss of his license and possibly his freedom. This is why it is so important for him to be represented by a dedicated criminal defense attorney familiar with DWI defense. This attorney will look to the facts of the case to build such a defense for the client, in an effort to see his charges and the potential consequences reduced.



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