Minnesota woman likely focused on DWI defense

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Charges filed on Sept. 9 have implicated a 21-year-old woman in the death of another woman of the same age, according to local sources. Minnesota police in Minneapolis responded to a car accident in late May of this year that they believe may have been predicated by drunk driving. A warrant has been issued for the woman’s arrest, and she will likely seek out DWI defense in addition to confronting any other charges that may end up being filed once she is found.  

What allegedly took place at the accident scene?  

According to the report, a witness to the May 29 crash told police she saw the implicated woman speeding eastbound and swerved around two stopped vehicles before crashing into a utility pole. The force of the impact killed the 21-year-old female passenger of the vehicle, and left the driver badly injured. She was unresponsive when medical attention arrived.  

The woman’s blood alcohol level was measured at over 1.5 times the legal limit when she was taken to the hospital. The blood test was taken some three hours after the accident, a fact that will be taken into consideration by the court. As noted, the woman’s current whereabouts are unknown, and a warrant is out for her arrest.  

Help and support is available when facing these charges 

Should the woman turn herself in or be found by police, she will stand trial for the charges of criminal vehicular homicide filed against her. Regardless of any other charges, she will require a DWI defense against the charge that she was drunk behind the wheel. A strong defense against the implication that she was intoxicated could have a mitigating effect on the charges against her. 



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