Minnesota man requires DWI defense after traffic stop

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A routine traffic stop turned serious after a driver reportedly fled the scene, leading police on a chase before crashing disastrously. The alleged drunk-driving incident caused the death of a Minnesota man who was a passenger in the vehicle. It is unclear whether the driver, who has been detained, has requested a DWI defense attorney for this case.

The alleged details from the incident

According to police records, it appears the man was pulled over for speeding when the incident occurred. Police on the scene say the man appeared to be inebriated at the time of the traffic stop, prompting them to request a roadside sobriety test. When the driver exited the vehicle, he attempted to return to his own car against the officer’s direct orders. The officer drew his gun before the suspect and the passenger in the vehicle drove away.

A police chase resulted, with the vehicle heading southbound for some seven miles before crashing into a tree. The passenger, who has yet to be identified publicly, was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was arrested on site for a sixth incident of suspected DWI, as well as homicide causing death by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle and fleeing an officer. He is currently being held by police in advance of a trial date.

Moving forward from this point

A DWI defense in a case where a passenger was injured or killed is vitally important to the accused individual. More than a simple case of driving under the influence, this death could push the court to assign a lengthy prison sentence to the accused man if he is found guilty. This is why he will be represented by a dedicated attorney, who will work to build a strong case in his defense.



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