Developing the right defense to a DWI in Minnesota

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Facing a drunk driving charge in Minnesota is a threat to one’s future as it can bring penalties that may include fines, time behind bars and more. It is important to develop a strong defense strategy based on the details of the individual case and the objectives of the individual defendant. The key to a successful DWI defense is identifying the most appropriate way by which one can fight back and defend his or her future. 

What’s the best defense?

There is no single right way to fight back against a DWI. A careful evaluation of the individual details of the case will reveal which defense strategy may be most effective for the defendant. Some defense options include the following: 

  • The original traffic stop was invalid or improper.  
  • Law enforcement mishandled a blood or urine sample. 
  • The administration of a breath test was improper. 
  • The field sobriety tests were not accurate. 

Additionally, it is possible to challenge the circumstances of a DWI traffic stop if the police violated the rights of the driver in any way. If there were incorrect procedures, violations of personal rights or other problems, it could compromise the validity of the prosecution’s case. 

Where should one start? 

It is prudent to begin developing a defense strategy as soon as possible after a DWI arrest. With the assistance of an experienced criminal DWI / DUI defense attorney, it will be possible to identify the most appropriate strategy to fight the charges. There is a lot at stake, but a Minnesota defendant does not have to face these accusations alone.  



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