Driver stopped for alleged drunk driving will require DWI defense

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State patrol is reminding drivers not to drink and drive after a traffic stop in Edina, according to local sources. Minnesota police say the driver’s blood alcohol level was “dangerously” high. However, the accused driver will still be entitled to face any charges in court, where an attorney will provide DWI defense counsel. 

What allegedly happened at the scene of the incident? 

According to a tweet sent out by the department on July 17, troopers reported stopping a vehicle on Highway 169 for reasons that are not included in their report. The driver was reportedly transporting a child in the vehicle at the time. Officers on the scene conducted a breathalyzer test, which they say returned a result of .402 BAC, over five times the legal limit of .08.  

It is unclear whether the driver required medical attention at the scene since health experts agree BAC levels that high are toxic and can cause some individuals to slip into a coma. It is not clear how the rest of the events played out, but presumably the child was remanded to the custody of the state or a trusted relative. It is unknown whether the driver remains in police custody at this time.  

Moving forward in the aftermath of these charges 

Drunk driving charges can be crippling to the accused individual, resulting in the loss of a license or even his or her freedom. However, it is not easy to prove DWI in court, as blood-alcohol tests and breath tests are not always a guaranteed indicator of intoxication. A strong DWI defense will include a careful review of the facts of the case, up to and including the driver’s arrest. It may be possible to see the charges reduced, depending on the outcome of the police investigation. 



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