3 ways that a DWI conviction can impact your daily life

by | Jul 19, 2021 | DWI |

Most people are aware that a drunk driving conviction can lead to serious penalties, including fines, jail time and required treatment. However, the consequences of a driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge can be wider-reaching than many people expect. How might criminal charges impact your day-to-day life?

1. A DWI can change your relationships.

Your family and friends may support you and stay by your side throughout the criminal process, but a conviction could change your relationships in unexpected ways. If your license is suspended or revoked, for example, you may rely on those closest to you for transportation. You may find your marriage under stress when fines strain your budget. You may also find that the stress you and your loved ones feel can change the relationships you rely on most.

2. A DWI can impact your professional licensure.

While criminal convictions do not necessarily prevent you from receiving or renewing professional licensure in nursing, real estate or other fields, a DWI may still impact that licensure. For example, the Minnesota Board Of Nursing notes that nurses are required to report a conviction and may face additional questions about that conviction as a result.

3. A DWI can lead to higher car insurance costs.

Having a drunk driving conviction on your record can lead to significant increases in your insurance costs. In Minnesota, the average increase in insurance costs is 88 percent, equaling a rate increase of over $1,100. That can have a significant impact of your budget over time.

Because of the variety of ways that a drunk driving conviction can affect your life, it can be particularly important to build a strong defense against these charges.



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