2 individuals facing DWI charges in Minnesota

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In an unusual scenario, two people in the same vehicle were both booked for DWI in Eden Prairie, according to local sources. Minnesota police conducted a routine traffic stop back in April, resulting in the arrest of one man and one woman. Both of these individuals may benefit from a DWI defense in their upcoming trials, which can be facilitated by an experienced defense attorney.  

What are the alleged specifics of the unique incident? 

According to the report, it appears officers saw a vehicle on Highway 62 traveling at a high rate of speed. When the car went through a red light, officers attempted to pull the vehicle over. As the vehicle slowed to the side of the road, officers observed the driver and passenger appearing to switch seats. Once the car came to a stop, officers say they observed signs of potential intoxication in both occupants of the vehicle, including slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and the odor of alcohol on both people.  

The male occupant, who police believe was the original driver, blew a .24 in a roadside breath test. The woman, who was driving when the stop was initiated, blew a .15. Authorities say both individuals were well over the legal limit of .08. They were each charged with DWI. The man’s charge was elevated to a felony due to a history of DWI convictions. The vehicle was forfeited.  

Seeking help and support in the aftermath of these charges 

A DWI conviction can lead to the loss of a driver’s license, one’s vehicle and even one’s freedom. This is why a strong DWI defense must be developed by a criminal defense attorney on behalf of both drivers in the vehicle in this case. When they go before a Minnesota court, each will be represented by their own attorney who will work to build a compelling case in their defense. 



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