Man facing drunk driving charges for the fifth time in Minnesota

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A Minnesota driver is facing serious repercussions after a DUI arrest in La Crosse County. This is the fifth drunk driving charge for the man, and if convicted, he could face serious repercussions, including time behind bars. Because of his previous DUIs, the stakes are especially high. Regardless of his past, it is in his interests to work diligently toward an effective defense strategy.

A two-year-old criminal complaint

The recently filed criminal complaint is over two years old. The charge is a felony offense due to subsequent DUIs on his record. He is currently charged with operating a vehicle with prohibited alcohol content, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana as a misdemeanor. At the time of the arrest, police apparently located the driver in a drive-thru line at a local fast-food restaurant.

The driver reportedly came to the attention of law enforcement after someone reported a vehicle weaving in and out of traffic. Located by police at the restaurant, he exited his vehicle to pay for his food, and reports claim he was having difficulty walking. Law enforcement pulled the driver over before he could reenter the roadway with other vehicles.

After the traffic stop

The complaint states the driver was unable to pass a field sobriety test. While he denied consuming any alcohol, he apparently did not pass a breath test with a BAC at .207%. At this time, the Minnesota driver is likely working on his defense strategy. Regardless of what is on his criminal record or the evidence against him, he has the right to fight back and defend his future interests.



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