First-degree DWI charges follow accident, scuffle

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When someone in Minnesota faces first-degree DWI charges, it usually means he or she has other drunk driving convictions in the past. This may also indicate that the driver is in need of the kind of treatment prison does not always provide. The abuse of alcohol and drugs often leads to unpredictable behavior that may exacerbate a DWI traffic stop and even escalate it to the point of danger.

Recently, a police officer responded to a traffic incident along a highway. He exited his vehicle to question a man who was walking away from the accident. Video from the scene shows the man allegedly throwing a punch at the officer, and the two men ended up tussling on the snowy ground. A man driving past who witnessed the scene got out of his vehicle and helped the officer subdue the man.

What happens next?

The man is now facing a list of charges, including first degree DWI, which is a felony charge, and assault on the police officer. He may also face other charges related to the initial accident and issues with his driver’s license. Anyone with these serious matters to deal with should not face them without experienced legal counsel.

A felony conviction for first-degree DWI means years behind bars and often thousands of dollars in fines. It frequently results in lifelong challenges that are difficult to overcome and offer little help to those struggling with addiction. Even video footage does not always mean an open and shut case. With so much on the line, it is wise to obtain legal representation as early as possible.



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