DWI accident with a revoked license

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An accident on an icy road can be terrifying, especially if the driver loses control of the vehicle. However, when such an accident results in charges of drunk driving, the trauma may continue for months or longer. One Minnesota driver can credit the quick thinking of police for saving her life after an accident. Nevertheless, those same officers will likely place her under arrest for DWI when she has recovered from her injuries.

Just after midnight, police responded to a call of an SUV submerged in a pond. Witnesses say the driver was operating the vehicle erratically just before it left the roadway and crashed into the ice-covered water. When officers arrived, they could see only the taillights and the roof of the vehicle.

A rescue and an arrest

Without hesitation, the officers stripped themselves of their vests and service belts and emptied their pockets. Then they raced into the icy water and pulled the single occupant through the sunroof and to safety. Officers reported that she seemed disoriented and eventually lost consciousness. They had no idea how long her vehicle had been in the water.

Unfortunately, in addition to the complications she now faces as a result of the accident, the driver is also looking at some serious criminal charges, including driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and driving on a revoked license. If her license revocation means she has prior DWI convictions, the penalties she faces may be quite significant. Additionally, license revocation matters are handled administratively, not in criminal courts. It is critical to have an attorney who is experienced in both legal processes.



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