Don’t carry a drunk driving conviction into the new year

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | DWI |

The holidays are looming, and for many, this means making plans for gift exchanges, family gatherings and private celebrations. It also means an increase in police presence on Minnesota highways and roads. December is traditionally the month of drunk driving awareness since more people are traveling and celebrating over the winter holidays. However, many revelers may not realize the high toll they will pay if their celebrations result in a drunk driving conviction.

Many will agree that 2020 was a challenging year, and some continue to struggle financially from the unprecedented setbacks they faced. The last thing most people need is an additional burden to bear, and a DWI conviction is definitely a burden to avoid. More than simply paying a fine and going on with one’s life, a drunk driving conviction, even a first offense, can result in the following expenses:

  • Court costs, bail and additional fees can be thousands of dollars.
  • Those ordered to do community service may have to bear the administrative costs.
  • Court ordered drug education or alcohol treatment may cost $600 or more.
  • License suspension means someone convicted of DWI may have to pay for transportation.
  • He or she will also have to pay for the reinstatement of a suspended Minnesota driver’s license.

Of course, a drunk driving conviction on someone’s record means his or her insurance premiums will soar, possibly twice what they paid before the arrest. These do not count the personal costs one may pay for a DWI conviction, such as job loss, strained family relationships and damaged reputation. It is wise to avoid drinking and driving and to seek legal assistance as soon as possible after an arrest for DWI.



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