Accident results in drunk driving arrest and other charges

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At the scene of an accident, emotions may run high. People who, seconds earlier, may have been in fear for their lives may now feel disoriented, confused and full of adrenaline. They may not even remember how they behaved or why they acted that way. Unfortunately, if the accident results in a drunk driving arrest, those behaviors may lead to additional or more serious charges.

One Minnesota man is in custody following an accident in which his vehicle crashed into a local restaurant. Witnesses say the 23-year-old man had been driving erratically before his vehicle left the roadway, slammed into the building and flipped onto its side. Bystanders say they tried to help the man from the wrecked vehicle, but he resisted their attempts and left the scene.

Making matters worse

Police report that the man then approached a vehicle stopped at a traffic light and made threats to the driver. He allegedly opened the car door, struck the driver and pulled a knife before officers arrived and arrested him. He now faces charges that include assault and misdemeanor DWI.

To make matters even more difficult for the man, police say he already has DWI convictions on his record. No matter how simple or complex a DWI arrest becomes, everyone has the right to strong legal counsel. Facing criminal charges without experienced representation can be a mistake that may result in a lifetime of challenges and hardships, especially if someone is dealing with substance abuse issues.



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