Underage drinking leads to crash, possible criminal charges

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It is the rare teenager who does not go through phases of rebellion or emotional turmoil. Sometimes this is the result of physical changes, and other times it may be a response to external factors like family dynamics or school bullying. It is not uncommon for these situations to lead to underage drinking and the legal trouble that often follows.

About 11 one recent morning, Minnesota police received a call that a 16-year-old boy had taken the family vehicle without permission. The caller also informed police that the boy had been drinking alcohol. Thirty minutes later, police responded to a local convenience store for a complaint that a young man had stolen a bottle of alcohol and fled the scene. From the description of the vehicle the boy was driving, police concluded it was the same teenager.

A turning point for a troubled teen?

It was nearly two hours before officers located the teen and his parents’ vehicle. Unfortunately, it came in response to a vehicle crashed into a ditch and an unconscious male behind the wheel. While the teen did not suffer life-threatening injuries, he certainly has some life-changing issues to deal with as a result.

When someone this young is already facing such serious legal challenges resulting from underage drinking, it is safe to assume he or she may benefit from the kind of help penalties imposed by the judicial system may not provide. This may include counseling and substance abuse treatment. However, it may be difficult to convince a Minnesota criminal or juvenile court of this fact without the advocacy of a legal professional who understands the options available.



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