When might a passenger seek DWI defense?

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Having a general understanding of the law can sometimes help one avoid taking actions that may result in negative consequences. For example, Minnesota’s drunk driving laws can be more complicated than simply getting arrested for driving over the legal limit of .08. In fact, one passenger may be building a DWI defense following a recent incident that resulted in a charge of drunk driving.

Even police admitted that the circumstances were unusual. Officers had stopped a vehicle under suspicion that the driver was impaired. At some point during the stop, when the driver was apparently out of the vehicle, reports say that the passenger shifted the car’s gears into reverse. The car consequently crashed into the front of the squad car that was parked behind it.

Police charged the driver with drunk driving. However, the passenger also faces charges for DWI. What many in Minnesota may not know is that one does not have to be behind the wheel to be at risk of a DWI charge. The law states that anyone who has physical control of a vehicle while impaired may be charged with DWI even if that person is sitting in the passenger seat.

Since DWI charges can potentially alter the course of a person’s life, it is critical that anyone in this situation take matters seriously. A drunk driving arrest is nothing to laugh off even if the circumstances seem unusual. Building a strong DWI defense strategy with the help of a skilled attorney is a wise move.



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