DWI defense may help avoid a lifechanging conviction

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An arrest for driving while impaired by alcohol is never something to take lightly, especially in Minnesota where drunk driving laws are particularly harsh. Even a first offense can result in severe penalties and long-term consequences, such as financial hardships, job loss or missed opportunities. Those facing charges can improve their chances of avoiding some of these serious issues by mounting a strong DWI defense.

Anyone who recommends that a driver count a DWI arrest as a rite of passage may not fully understand how damaging a conviction can be. Accepting the charges and paying the fine is just the beginning. A driver convicted of DWI may expect to lose his or her driving privileges for a year or longer, which brings its own set of complications. Without a license, one must figure out how to get to work, to the grocery store, to appointments for the children and other obligations.

A DWI conviction remains on a person’s record indefinitely, and it may affect his or her chances for certain jobs or even place a current job at risk. Car insurance rates typically skyrocket after a DWI, and students may be shocked to learn that many colleges and scholarship programs consider drunk driving a disqualifying event. It is not unusual for those convicted of DWI to spend many years digging out of a financial hole left by thousands of dollars in fines, fees and other penalties.

Avoiding a conviction is the surest way of avoiding many of these consequences. Many Minnesota drivers have success in court when they work closely with a DWI defense attorney. An experienced attorney will have the skill and resources to make a difference in the outcome of a DWI case.



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