A DWI can damage your college career

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If you face DWI charges, you may worry about heavy fines, license suspension and even jail time. But as a college student, you can receive even more penalties.

A University of Minnesota football player recently found out how a DWI can affect a student. After an arrest, he is no longer a member of the Gophers football team.

Student lost his place on the team

The student was a walk-on freshman player. University of Minnesota police pulled him over for no headlamp on his moped and for failing to make a complete stop. He faces DWI charges after a breath test said his blood alcohol concentration was 0.12%.

After his arrest, the Gophers removed the student from their roster.

Your college may punish you for breaking the law

Students arrested for a DWI often face penalties from both the courts and from the school. Many colleges, including the University of Minnesota, have sanctions against students charged with breaking the law. Punishments can include kicking the student out of dorms, expelling the student or even withholding a diploma.

Defending yourself in two different cases

The discipline you face from the college is also separate from your court case. If the judge drops your DWI charges, the school may still follow through with its punishment. And you may have to have a hearing with representatives with the college where you must defend your right to stay enrolled in school.

Knowing your rights to have a hearing and appeal any actions taken by the university can help you stay in school. If you face DWI charges, you may want to read your college’s code of conduct.



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