Minnesota considers stricter DUI laws for first time offenders

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2016 | Minnesota News |

If drink driving laws weren’t tough enough already, they are set to become even stricter.

That’s because a new bill introduced would make first time DUI offenders have to install ignition locks on their vehicles.

It’s a Breathalyzer that only allows the driver to start their car after passing it.

In Minnesota, if you are convicted of a DUI it is currently optional to install an ignition interlock system but a new bill will require first time offenders to do so.

Ignition interlock systems can be costly so lawmakers are proposing a $430 license reinstatement fee.

The bill also mentions lowering the blood alcohol level where the tougher penalties kick in from 0.20 down to 0.15.

The Department of Public Safety says 40% of people with one DUI offense on their record will do it again but with ignition locks they can cut those chances by 90%.

However, before this proposed bill goes into effect it has to be approved by the Public Safety Committee then voted on in the Senate.



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