5 Benefits of Hiring a Minneapolis DWI Lawyer

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If you have been charged with a DWI, Hennepin County, Washington County, or whatever other surrounding county you have to go to court in is not going to be easy on you. They all take DWI cases very seriously. In fact, enforcement campaigns are becoming more commonplace throughout Minnesota with law enforcement Tweeting their arrests on Twitter so that the public can follow the progress.

When charged with DWI, the best thing to do is contact your attorney as soon as possible. You do not have to say anything to law enforcement until you speak to your attorney. This is so you can ensure your rights are not violated.

In fact, it is ideal if you contact your attorney as soon as you are suspected. You can make a call if you need to before submitting to field sobriety tests, blood tests, or urine tests. However, failing to submit to testing is a violation of the Implied Consent law.

In any case, it is very important to have representation. Even if you think there is no way out, there may be a circumstance in your case that could result in a much better conclusion than what you may think you will get.

Here are five benefits of hiring a DWI attorney in Minneapolis:

  • You do not have to stand alone in your case – You have an advocate speaking for you and using the law on your behalf.
  • Your rights are protected – It is very easy for your rights to be violated in a DWI case. Protecting your rights and identifying violations is very important to your case.
  • You can receive a better result – Having an experienced attorney by your side can end in a better result. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who try to represent themselves or they just accept the charges against them and this causes them to receive the maximum penalty.
  • The process moves smoother – You will always know what is happening throughout the process. This means never being left in the dark and ensuring that you are presented with options that will allow you to make educated decisions.
  • Full legal representation – Sometimes DWI is also met with license revocation, forfeiture of your vehicle, and other consequences. Each one of these has a set of procedures that allows you to challenge them. Your attorney can help you with these challenges as well so you can have a better result.

These are just five of the basic benefits that you may experience. Depending on your individual case, you may experience even more benefits, allowing you to move on with your life as soon as possible and in a more productive way than what you would if you didn’t have an experienced lawyer by your side. An attorney is a valuable tool toward achieving your freedom. Even if conviction is imminent, you can avoid the toughest penalties. This means being able to put the matter behind you sooner.

Drunk driving charges are serious, and can have a huge impact on your life. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, contact an experienced DUI attorney today by calling 612-688-2299.



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