Knicks’ Jason Kidd Arrested After Drunk Driving Accident

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As evidenced by the recent story of Randy Travis being arrested after being found intoxicated while lying naked in the street, celebrities, sports stars, and many others in the public eye are not immune to the consequences of their actions when it comes to being intoxicated.

Jason Kidd, 39, of the New York Knicks, was arrested in Long Island under suspicion of driving while intoxicated. This is after he had allegedly crashed his sports utility vehicle into a telephone pole.

According to the Southampton, New York police report, Kidd was not aware of what had occurred during the accident. He did admit to the police that he had been consuming alcohol, which he said was just a few drinks. He did not admit to intoxication, but he did refuse to take the Breathalyzer at the scene and did refuse the blood test at a local hospital.

The report also states that the strong smell of alcohol was on Kidd and his speech was slurred. He was not steady on his feet, his eyes were bloodshot, and his eyes were also watery and glassy.

Ironically, the telephone pole Kidd smashed into is owned by the company that is owned by James Dolan, his new boss. The company is Cablevision and service was knocked out to some Southampton residents.

Early in July, Kidd was signed to a $9.5 million contract over a three year period. This is after kidd spent the past 5 years with the Dallas Mavericks, being part of their 2011 Championship team before departing for the Knicks as a free agent.

Kidd was arraigned in July and was released on his own recognizance.

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