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If you have been arrested for a DWI or DUI then you are probably aware of the risks. You will lose points that can result in a license suspension or vehicle impoundment. This could impact your career, the social life and your family life among other things. However, in many instances, if there are aggravating factors present at the time of the arrest, a simple DUI can result in a criminal conviction, jail time and a hefty fine. This is something that all drivers in Hennepin County will want to avoid at all costs. Make the right moves to keeping your license and clearing your record by contacting Meaney and Patrin Law Firm.

Derek Patrin and Ethan Meaney are nicknamed the “DWI Guys” in the legal industry due to their extensive experience and success with cases pertaining to drinking while intoxicated or under the influence. Don’t take second chances with your criminal record. For any DWI arrest or breathalyzer refusal, contact a Hennepin Country DWI Attorney right away!

Facing a DWI Arrest

Many drivers across Hennepin County do not think that a DUI arrest is a big deal. Pay the fee, get the ticket, and lose a couple points – no big deal right? However, even a fourth degree DUI, which entails driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher, can result in a potential loss of license if you already have points on your record. Furthermore, not only will you need to pay the ticket but you can also expect your insurance premiums to rise considerably.

Aggravating Factors in a DUI Arrest

If you have been arrested while one or more aggravating factors are present then you could be faced with more than just a ticket. Aggravating factors include:

  • If you have had a DWI conviction in the previous ten years or if you have faced a Careless Driving arrest then this can result in a heftier conviction this time around. Even if the arrest took place in another state, it can still impact your current arrest
  • If you have a blood alcohol concentration level of .20 or above
  • If you have been arrested for a DWI and have someone under the age of 16 in the vehicle at the time of the arrest. So, if you have been drinking and have your children in the car with you, then you will automatically be looking at a higher criminal offense.

Depending on the degree of your DUI you could be looking at up to 7 years in prison and $14,000 in fines. This is for a felony offense. Gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor offenses can result in $1000-$3000 of fines and 90 days to 1 year in prison.

Contact the DWI Guys Today!

So what are you up against? This depends on your situation. Even if you have a clean record until now, you could still be charged with an offense. Our Hennepin County DWI Lawyers will assess your case on an individual basis and determine the best defense tactic to take.

Contact our offices at 1-800-DWI-GUYS or 612-688-2299 for a free initial consultation and speak to a Hennepin County DUI Lawyer about your next move.



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