Hear From Our DWI Clients

Every client is unique and all DWI cases have their own twists and turns. Because we focus on DWI defense, our firm has developed a strategy that will help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. Sometimes that means beating a case completely, other times it means getting the charges reduced or getting the expected penalties significantly reduced.

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Our clients know that they are getting the most complete, effective representation available in Minnesota, as shown in the following testimonials from satisfied clients (names changed for client confidentiality purposes):

“It is with great confidence that I extend my highest recommendation for the law firm of Meaney & Patrin, P.A. It almost goes without saying that Ethan’s and Derek’s many years of combined experience in both sides of DWI litigation has amassed an exceptional degree of skill and expertise, ensuring strong analysis of the merits of each case to reach the best possible plea deal or trial outcome. Perhaps more importantly, I was particularly impressed by their personal and communicative approach. From that first late-night phone call at the testing station to the first day out of jail and through the rest of the process, I could always count on Derek & Ethan for a prompt and on-point response. They were also attuned enough to my own personal circumstances to tailor their management of the case to my unique needs. At no time did I ever feel like a number, which is truly a rarity in today’s increasingly commoditized legal services market. I thank Ethan and Derek for all of their hard work and hope that you too will have the benefit of their talents.”

– From a client in Hennepin County

“I just wanted to thank you for helping Jason with his recent legal issues. My husband and Jason said you really went to bat for him during his recent court date and we are all very thankful. Jason is grateful that he is not in jail and can continue working. Thank you so much!”

-from the mother of a client out of Sherburne County

“Hey there Derek, I just wanted to say thank you again for trying your best to get the best result possible for me. It really looks like you care what happens, and that’s why I hired you. Thanks again.”

-from a client in Ramsey County

“Derek, I just wanted to thank you again for everything that you have done for us over the past several months. We have the car back in our possession as of this morning. It is such a relief to have this over, and in a few weeks Peter will have his license again. I feel as though we are one of your ‘success stories.’ I honestly hope that we never have to call you again, but I can say that if I ever know anyone who needs an attorney I will highly recommend you. Again, thank you for your diligence and good work!”

-from the mother of a client out of Hennepin County

“I read every word of the briefing, and even though I am not a lawyer or a judge, I truly believe that you have done a hell of a job representing me. You can always tell when people give something their all, and I truly believe that this is how you have handled this case. I know that you have put in more time then you originally anticipated into this case. I do not want you to think that this dedication has gone unnoticed. Thanks again, Ethan.”

-from a client in Hennepin County

“Ethan, I again want to extend my heartfelt thanks for the manner in which you handled Susan’s case. You were much more than a representative of an experienced professional. What I appreciated most was the integrity and personal investment you showed throughout this entire process and also in helping us feel so at ease, as much as could be possible, throughout this experience. I do hope that our paths cross again at some later time under different circumstances. I wish you and your family all the best! Again, thank you so much!”

-from a client in Hennepin County

“Got your letter today and I just want to say again, thank you for everything. Thank you for answering your phone on a Sunday afternoon and for your efforts in both parts of the case, but mostly for being a great human being who obviously cares about the results you achieve for your clients going above and beyond what the majority of attorneys would do.”

-from a client in Washington County

“Thank you for all your help in this matter. You saved our car. The length of time you were able to provide me with between the incident and upcoming revocation, helped me tremendously in becoming established with my new employer. I’ve had the opportunity to “prove” myself to the company.”

-from a client in Hennepin County