DUI & DWI Laws in Minnesota MN

As in most states, the DWI penalties in Minnesota are serious. If accused then you’ll need a recognized and trustworthy defense team to help you avoid, minimize, or manipulate the potential penalties.

Meaney & Patrin, PA, has the experience and the focus to get the job done right. Our practice is devoted to defending people in Minnesota after a drink driving traffic stop or DWI arrest.

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We are experienced DWI attorneys and have given many Minnesota residents an effective defense to their DWI/DUI/Test Refusal charges – saving them time, money, and reducing the impact on their lives and families. Our focus allows us to stay on the cutting edge of Minnesota DWI laws and defense strategy.


We are very familiar with the courts, prosecutors, and administrators involved in these cases, and we can use our knowledge to anticipate what will be best for our clients. We have a reputation for crafting powerful and effective defenses to drink driving charges; while not making frivolous arguments that only hurt your chances in court.


Our job is to assert and defend your rights, and to make you feel at ease about the charges against you so that you can get on with your life.

We will treat you with the respect you deserve, and give you everything you need for a thorough and trustworthy defense. The first voice you hear when you call us will be the person who will handle your situation from start to finish, every single step of the way.

When you are ready to start on a high-quality DWI/DUI defense, give us a call at 612-223-6595Minnesota DWI defense lawyers at Meaney & Patrin can help you in this difficult time. No matter what degree of DWI or DUI you are charged with, a criminal defense attorney can develop a strategy for defense that will ultimately lead to the most favorable outcome possible for your individual case.